This comic is my take on Metroid: Other M. I didn't hate the game as much as many people did. It was a gamble on Nintendo's part to give, who was usually a silent protagonist a voice. Personally I didn't find it sexist that Samus is following the orders of a man, like lots of people have said. If fact I found that aspect of the story to be realistic of how a freelance bounty hunter would have to act during a military operation. The military had juridiction and if Samus wanted to help she was going to have to follow their orders. It isn't sexist, it's protocal, but I digress. I however did find it dumb that you aren't allowed to use your heat shielding Varia suit as soon as you enter the Pyrosphere, thus this comic.

On the technical side of things this comic is just chalk full of special effects, from the smoother shading, and fire, smoke and lighting effects.